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Canada is one of the major countries in attracting international students. Eligible applicants can apply for a study visa at one of the colleges or universities approved by Immigration Canada and Education Ministry.Individuals can enroll their children in one of the schools for free upon their arrival to Canada as well apply for a work or tourist visa for their spouse outside Canada. Students who are taking academic programs can also work part-time on campus or out campus during their studies. Most families today want their children to study in one of the foreign schools in which many of these families want to enroll their children in Canadian school due to the high educational standards of Canada in the world. Individuals can apply for a study visa for their children in any of the provinces and cities of Canada. Most schools provide students with accommodation and amenities so that families can send their children to Canada without having worries, or they can apply a multiple-entry tourist visa to accompany their children. However, they have no right to work or study with their visitor visa and could stay in Canada for maximum time of 6 month. They have chance to extend their visitor visa in Canada in case they decide to stay more that 6 months.  Our Immigration Services company can represent you at any stage of your visa request. Because of our connection with most universities, schools and colleges, we can follow your request to get acceptance letter and visa in a short period of time.


  • Letter of acceptance from one of the Canadian educational institutions
  • Valid identification documents (passport & birth certificate)
  • English language exam results to apply college and university. In otherwise you will get conditional acceptance letter to complete your English to be able to start academic program.
  • Applicant’s educational records (certificates and transcripts)

You can make a consulting appointment with one of our professionals to provide you the best advice you need before applying for a degree or school, so you can be more confident how to get an acceptance letter from an educational institution or school in Canada and have more information how to apply a study visa.



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